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Important Client Information

Large Insurance companies, using the services of smaller independent brokers, provide a wide range of products to the public on both personal and business level alike. It is however the function of the broker to inform existing and potential clients of these products as well as any changes which may be made to these products from time to time. They will also advise clients as to whether these products would suite their specific needs.


Once the client has decided to enter into a contract with an insurance company, the broker will take all the necessary steps (and acting on the instruction of the client), to see that the policy is properly maintained in the sense that all policy conditions are adhered to and that the insured’s values stay as up to date as reasonably possible.


It is of utmost importance that you the client keep your broker and or the insurance company updated and informed of any changes which may arise which could possibly affect your policy in any manner. The onus always lies with the client to provide the necessary information which may have an impact on your insurance values and or risk.


Please make sure that you always have all your up to date details with you and that you pass all this onto the broker.


Always read the small print in your contract. So many people neglect this important step only to find out later that they were not correctly insured.

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