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The financial planning areas that may have to be addressed to ensure that your financial risks are effectively managed are as follows:


    • Aviation Insurance for aircraft, helicopters and airport insurance.


    • Builders Risk: Insuring against the risk of physical loss or damage to property during construction.


    • Business Assurance to ensure that you and/or your dependents are financially provided for in the event that you and/or your business partner(s)/associates(s) in the business should die, become disabled or suffer form a dread disease. The purpose is also to ensure that you or your estate will be able to meet any contingency liabilities in the event of your and/or your business associates, death, disability or dreaded illness.


    • Employee Benefits: Benefits or compensation which a company can offer it’s employees through various means.


    • Estate Planning to ensure that your family enjoy the maximum benefits from your assets after your death and to ensure that there is capital in order to meet the cash flow requirements of your estate.


    • Investment Planning to assist you with an appropriate investment strategy in order to meet your investment needs, whether before retirement or thereafter.
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    • Liability Cover: It protects the insured in the event that he or she is sued for claims within the coverage of the insurance policy.


    • Marine insurance cover for the loss or damage of boats, ships etc.


    • Medical aid: To cover any unforeseen medical bills.


    • Retirement Planning to ensure that you are in a position to retire financially secured at some point in the future.


    • Risk Planning to ensure that you have made adequate financial provision to meet your financial needs as well as those of your family and dependents in the events of your death, disability or a dread disease.


    • Short-term insurance: Personal and Commercial planning to ensure that your assets are sufficiently insured against unforeseen events like fire and theft et.



Lombkor is always growing and is continually striving to provide better service and value to our broad base of clients. We undertake to be in continual contact with all of our clients and to pay them a visit at least twice a year. We stand by our motto of “service excellence” and accommodate all of our clients with the same enthusiasm and service which we are proud of.

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